Fair Play means everything

You have a dream: create your own video game, filled with original concepts, mechanics, visuals and features nobody could think of.

If you are making it real, you are amazing!

Creativity, passion and dedication, as you know, are just the beginning of the journey, though. Developing video games is a tough job and preserving your independence along the way is even harder.

Thousands of games are released every year. Emerging in such a vast and competitive market is becoming harder and harder, and to do it alone is almost impossible.

We at Fish Eagle have been there ourselves, experiencing it firsthand, producing and publishing our own videogames as well as distributing titles created by independent developers we like and respect.

We use our ability in development and sales together with our reputation and strong relationship with a large network of digital stores around the world to help developers maximize sales for their games.

We provide a service that allows video games to reach as many gamers as possible without asking their creators to compromise their vision or lose control of their IPs.

Our business’s main principle is based on a fair relationship where the developer’s success is our success.

We love games and we know gamers. And we play on the developers’ side

Let’s meet and discuss how, by joining forces, we can make your dream come true!